Mrs. Moscaritolo

At Botelle School we provide a program for 4 year olds to begin their elementary school journey. Pre- Kindergarten is a place for children to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.. The children have opportunities to discover and learn during calendar, story time, dramatic play, learning centers, and specials. Pre-K attends Music twice a week and Physical Education and Library once a week. We have a community thematic unit which includes fieldtrips and visits from community members. This year Pre- K will be attending school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.


1/2 Multiage

Mrs. Tallon


1/2 Multiage

Mrs. Incillo

First and Second graders will learn alongside one another this year in our multiage classroom.  All students will continue growing as readers using our units of study during reading workshop, word study, literacy centers, shared reading and read-aloud.  Our student authors will continue expressing their ideas and new learning by writing narrative, information and opinion pieces during writing workshop. Each day, we will have multiple opportunities to learn about math through small group learning centers, independent practice and discussion with peers.  Our math curriculum provides students rich experiences to dig deep into mathematic skills needed to apply in real world situations.  This year we will also be scientists and learn using a focus of inquiry to guide our explorations.   





Third Grade

Ms. Waldeisen


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Fourth Grade

Ms. Pitruzzello


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Fifth Grade

Mr. Snyder 

Fifth grade is a busy and exciting year at Botelle, with lots of new learning and fun projects! In Math, students apply new concepts and methods to previous learning to develop a higher form of thinking and an awareness of the mathematical world around them. Units include fractions, decimals and percents, an introduction to algebra, triangles and three dimensional shapes and graphing. Writing takes on a new and exciting role, as we explore memoirs, research-based argument essays and the expository structure. Students also take the initiative of inviting veterans to Botelle’s Veterans’ Day Assembly by writing friendly letters of invitation. Science units include the senses, light and sound, and the effects of the sun and moon on the earth. Throughout fifth grade, students learn about the events in our early history including the founding of the colonies, events leading up to our independence from Great Britain, forming a new type of government and the fragile time our nation encountered during the Civil War. On History Day in the spring, we experience life in Norfolk in the 1800s — including a visit to the "Little Red Schoolhouse" and lessons taught by a school marm!


Sixth Grade

Mrs. DeDominicis

Goals for sixth grade students include learning to be more organized and to prepare for middle school expectations. Highlighted activities include: raising Atlantic Salmon eggs and releasing them in the early fry stage to the Farmington River, DARE, learning about the history of immigration in the United States through a simulation, becoming CPR certified, and of course, learning about our country’s maritime heritage, geology, and about our shoreline through the Cape Cod trip.



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